5 JAPANESE RITUALS: For happiness & health

Daily habits & rituals appear to be effortless in Japan, as the country is always moving forward in modernity, traditions remain deeply ingrained in the way of everyday living from social customs to the art of tea.

Here are five Japanese rituals to inspire living in harmony & with nature.

1. OSOJI, meaning “big cleaning” takes place just before the new year, a deep cleansing of the home to discard the past years clutter, allowing space & opportunity for the year ahead.

2. SHINRIN-YOKU meaning “forest bathing” is when one enters the forest and spends hours within nature as a therapy to restore health within the mind & body.

3. SHOJIN RYORI, a practise originating from the Buddhist monks of Japan to cook a vegetarian meal using seasonal foods, and using every part of each ingredient to be mindful, with appreciation of the earths offerings & to avoid any unnecessary wastage.

4. IKEBANA, the art of flower arranging as a meditative & therapeutic practise using great intention, traditionally practised in silence to appreciate the harmony of nature.

5. OFURO, the daily ritual of bathing to heal the body & relax the mind. Whether it is taken in a communal onsen (natural spring bathing house) or in private, it is known to promote well-being.