What’s REALLY inside your perfume?

So many people are turning to clean eating and making the swap to natural skincare & makeup but overlook their signature perfume or house fragrance.

It’s not just perfume that’s the issue, it’s synthetic FRAGRANCE added to most skincare, even your ‘natural’ deodorants (aluminium isn’t the only ingredient to avoid!) 

With the aromatherapy industry booming in recent years so has the fragrance industry from candles to ‘aroma’ oils it’s easy to get mixed up when you go into a store and see ‘aromatherapy’ room mists next to ‘fragrance’ room mist... but don’t confuse the two!

Good aromatherapy products use 100% pure essential oils distilled from plants, however the word ‘fragrance’ can be used for a blend of synthetic ingredients containing hundreds to thousands of chemicals!

The use of these chemicals are used to acquire a scent not naturally available to extract from nature, take strawberries & cream for example.
PLUS they are much cheaper to make leading to a MUCH LARGER profit margin for manufacturers.

Over 90% of the chemicals used for synthetic fragrance are derived from petrochemicals which are known allergic & asthma triggers, hormone disrupters & even carcinogenic.

Perfumes often contain phthalates, also known as plasticizers because they are used to make plastic flexible & act as a glue in the perfume to keep its ingredients even distributed & stick to your skin for a longer lasting scent.

Researchers have linked this chemical exposure to endocrine disorders such as irregular menses, PCOS, acne, reduced sperm count, fertility issues and developmental disorders.

Laws do not require perfumes to list their cocktail of ingredients, originally to protect trade formulas, but now protect companies from revealing a long list of toxic chemicals hidden in the single word ‘fragrance’.

As a friendly reminder,  always check the label when searching for a new diffuser oil for the home or room mist. Keep an eye out for ‘pure essential oils’ & check the ingredients when you find a product named an ‘aroma’ or ‘fragrance’ oil if you want to avoid exposure to unnecessary chemicals!